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You spoke and we listened - our special order based sock fundraiser is now open to all fundraising groups. 

How does it work?

We provide an electronic version of our order form to distribute to your group members, who sell socks and return the completed forms to your fundraising coordinator with payment. Once we receive confirmation of the total socks ordered along with payment,  we will process your order.  

How much do we raise?

Socks sell for $6 per pair. You receive $1 per pair sold, with a $50 bonus for each 100 pairs sold.  For example, if you sold 510 pairs, you would raise $510 + $250 bonus = $760.

Is there a minimum order?

A minimum order of 100 pairs of socks applies to this service. 

How do we get started?

We required a completed booking form in order to get your fundraiser underway. Once we have received this, we will send you the electronic order form so you can get started! Fill out the contact form below to receive a booking form today!

No upfront costs. No delivery fees. Receive your fundraising money straight away!

With only 9 families fundraising in a small rural town, the Newborough Girl Guides sold 237 pairs of socks using our Do It For Groups service, and raised $336 in two weeks!

'We did really well with the fundraiser. 3/4 of our families participated ordering a total of 237 pairs of socks between 9 families'. Ami Cervi, Leader, Newborough Girl Guides.

Would you like more information about out Do It For Groups service? Please get in touch using the form below.

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