A fun no upfront cost fundraiser for sporting clubs and sports lovers

Here's a really easy, super fun fundraiser you can run without any upfront costs, and lots of chances to win. We used this for the South East Storm Basketball Club when fundraising for our 2019 USA Tour.

How does it work?

Find a sports match that your supporters will be engaged in. We chose one of the Brisbane Bullets v Perth Wildcats NBL finals series games.

Each square costs $20. There are four $250 prizes to win, with a total prize pool of $1000. Each square can win up to four times, and your cause raises $1000.

Which square wins?

At the end of each quarter, the last digit of each team's score determines the winning square. So if the score at the end of the first quarter was Perth 21 to Brisbane 34, the winning square would be 14.

Get everyone engaged

It's really fun to watch the game, and update the winners on Facebook at the end of each quarter - it's even better if you can watch the game together! It keeps every one watching right to the last minute of each quarter to find out which square has won!


Make sure you give yourself enough time prior to the game to sell all of the squares on the board. If you are fundraising for a team, allocate a certain number of squares to each player to sell to share the load.

Do I need an authority to fundraise or a permit?

Make sure you check your state's regulations to see if you need an authority to fundraise or a permit for this activity. Regulations vary from state to state.

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