• Jodie Withnell

Adapting fundraising to suit COVID-19

COVID-19 has made 2020 a very different year. With many groups still needing much needed funds to continue to operate they are looking for different ways to fundraise. Hands free. Contactless. COVID-19 friendly. Easy to organise. Sockable are offering two different options to help groups raise much needed funds with funky socks. The COVID-19 friendly service allows groups to have a dedicated fundraising page on the Sockable website where they will have 8 funky socks to sell. Groups will need to promote the page and Sockable will deliver the socks directly to supporters. No up front costs. No handling of products. Sockable will set up your dedicated page. All that is required from the group is active promoting of the fundraiser. Set a goal and let all your loyal supporters know you require much needed funds.

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