• Jodie Withnell

Can we bring the FUN back into fundraising?

That is a great question. Every year I dread my children coming home and saying "Mum, we need to sell x amount of tickets or x amount of products". Don't get me wrong. I love helping my kids groups' achieve their goals. It can just be daunting when we are being asked to fund raise with the same items every year. And even more daunting when us adults have to organise, sell and often attend all the fundraising ventures. Fundraising could be made so much easier if there is something new, something fun and something for everyone. Something different.

So what is the solution to bringing the FUN back into fundraising. Sockable.

Funky, fun socks that everyone can wear. They are comfortable, wearable, fashionable and definitely sellable. Fun socks not only target the kids, the adults absolutely love them (especially those who wear suits). Who wouldn't smile when they saw someone wearing pink flying pigs, colourful donuts or cute bunnies? It is one small way to brighten your day and maybe even brighten someone else's. And it is not the same products that you have always tried to sell. It is FUNdraising for everyone, done by everyone and those funky socks can definitely put a smile on your face. Something different. Something new. Something FUN.

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