• Jodie Withnell

Fundraising for schools

Schools not only benefit from the money raised in a school fundraiser but it can also bring the community together and provide students with a sense of achievement. Participating in a fundraiser that has an order form system can help students develop communication skills, improve confidence and give students a feeling of accomplishment. The money raised can provide additional resources for the schools and can help with purchasing much needed equipment. The money can also be put towards reducing expenses for parents for excursions and other school activities.

The order form system has no-up-front costs and doesn't leave the schools with any excess stock. Students take home an order form and collect as many orders from family and friends. Order forms will have a due by date where the orders and money will be collected by the fundraising co-ordinator. The orders will then be fulfilled by the fundraising company and returned to the school for distribution.

Look for fundraising ideas that provide this service to help raise money for schools.

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