• Jodie Withnell

How to start a Fundraiser without high up-front expenses

Many fundraising campaigns require groups to buy products or pay for services before they launch their fundraiser. This means money is coming out of the bank before anything is coming back in. If you are a group with limited funds you may need to look at fundraising alternatives to begin your fundraising campaign or different ways to get your campaign up and running.

* A great way to reduce up-front costs is to ask businesses to donate products or services. This can be time consuming and someone has to find the right people to ask, but it can be very rewarding for your fundraising campaign.

* Some fundraising companies will give you a payment term that allows you to pay 30 days after delivery of goods. If you plan your fundraising campaign well you may be able to sell all goods within the payment time frame.

* There are fundraisers that have no up-front costs. You receive orders for the product from supporters. You then order the required amount of products and when the products are delivered to you, you hand them out to your supporters.

* On-line fundraisers are a great way to fundraise without up front costs. They can allow supporters to buy directly from a website and the money raised will go directly to the fundraising group. No up front costs or handling of money. Sockable have a Do It For Me service which was developed to allow groups to fundraise during COVID-19.

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