School Fundraising

We know it's been tough for schools to fundraise over the past year. We are offering a special order based service, Do It For Schools, to help. 

How does it work?

We provide an electronic order in pdf format to distribute to students and teachers, who take orders and return the completed form to school with payment. Your school places one combined order with us, and we ship the socks to you to distribute to students.

How much do we raise?

Socks sell for $6 per pair. Schools receive $1 per pair sold, with a $50 bonus for each 100 pairs sold.  For example, if your school sold 510 pairs, you would raise $510 + $250 bonus = $760.


Find more answers in our FAQs.

No upfront costs. No delivery fees. Receive your fundraising money straight away!

Boost your fundraising with a Best of the Best Sample pack!

Show your fundraisers the size, quality and style of our fundraising socks with a Best of the Best Sample Sock Pack. This sock pack contains all fifteen socks available on our order form, so your fundraisers can see exactly the amazing socks they can order! It's a fantastic way to help promote your fundraiser and boost your sales! Sell them at the end of your campaign and boost your profit! The Best of the Best Sample Sock Pack costs $55 plus shipping. 


The Marri Grove Primary School P&C sold 807 pairs of socks and raised $1207 for their school with our Do It For Schools service in two weeks!


It's way over our expectations. Thank you so much. It was amazingly packaged and super easy to run'. Danielle Critchell, Marri Grove Primary School P&C

DIFS Best of the Best Order Form Sample.